Don’t Sacrifice Comfort For Budget: Winter Wear Brands That Won’t Burn Your Wallet

The snow-covered treetops. The bone-chilling air. The snow-blanketed rooftops. And thick winter wear. Couple these with your favorite hot beverage, and you’ve got the perfect winter picture. While the cold season can be such a delight most of us look forward to, you sure wouldn’t want to fall sick because you hadn’t yourself well covered in your excitement to experience the weather. Be it women’s thermal underwear, woolen sweaters or waterproof parkas, your winter arsenal should be full and ready to go for every condition, come rain or snow.

With all the mind-boggling winter sales going on everywhere you look, it can become a bit overwhelming to pick the best fit. Do you go for the budget? Or do you go for comfort? Aren’t there good brands that combine the two perfectly? Of course there are! And while you can, go ask your fashion-savvy friend or your wisdom-laden grandma for the best items to wear this winter, you can spare that effort, too! Because our years of experience in scouring for the best budget winter wear brands online and offline has made us quite the winter shopping savant. And we’ve got years of golden info for you, all in a short article!

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Ready? Let’s look at the winter wear brands that have proven their quality in the winter fields, while also have eye-popping prices to boot that you’ll love.

1. North Face

Think premium fashion wear that blows everyone out of the water in performance, think North Face. A brand with the motto “all-purpose design” embossed to their core, their winter wear is built to brace all kinds of weather, even extreme winter conditions. If you’re looking for something in the weather-proof jacket, classy puffer coats, stylish waterproof boots, or sleek rainwear range, North Face is a no-brainer really.

If you’re lucky enough to get a second-hand apparel, snap it up without a second thought. Owing to its high-quality fabric and durable material, North Face disappears from stock faster than brownies at Christmas, so be sure to get in early!

2. Patagonia

Patagonia has made its mark in sustainable fashion, quickly rising to be one of the defining leaders in the industry. And you can easily see why. We especially love Patagonia because they are the paragon of the rare combo of “care for you, care for nature”. If you’re big on high-quality clothes that are made from sustainable fabrics using sustainable methods, Patagonia is the brand you’d want to marry.

Apart from a feel-good vibe, you get forever-lasting quality, recycled fabrics and an ironclad guarantee that you can ask for a return or repair virtually any time for life. Pair thermal underwear for women with Patagonia’s signature items like the Synchilla Pullover, Nano Puff Jacket, and the Better Sweater Vest, all of whom are must-haves that will last you several winters.

3. Old Navy

When it comes to a classic brand, you can rarely go wrong. Old Navy, true to its name, is one of those classics. Known for their everyday staples and trendy styles in budget prices for the entire family, Old Navy is your old faithful when it comes to winter wear that will always keep you warm and fuzzy. And if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop experience, their extensive collection is simply unmatched.

From soft fleece wear to winter-perfect plaids, bomber jackets to faux-fur parkas, puffer-jackets to frost-free hoodies, you’ll find it all. And of course, they have a whole range of superb quality accessories like cozy-lined socks, knit gloves, fringed scarves, and pom-pom beanies to fully stock up your winter wardrobe.

And not to forget to mention – Old Navy has a plus-size selection that will delight all the foodies out there. All-affordable and all-inclusive, these curvy goodies have the classic Old Navy vibe that looks good and feels greater.

4. Forever 21

While vintage wear is your clean evergreen, you just can’t take your eyes off the fine aesthetics of modern fashion brands like Forever 21. If you’re on the lookout for winter dresses and garments that keep you warm while making heads turn, it doesn’t get more chic than Forever 21. The appropriately named brand is your best bet for trendy styles that give you that extra edge. Gear up to stand out with their collection of embroidered floral bombers, swingy silhouettes, high-shine puffers, shearling jackets, and faux fur vests.

If you’re looking for sheer utility, Forever 21 might be on the expensive end for your tastes. But if you want fashionable winter wear that fills people’s eyes with envy and amazement, Forever 21 is forever a go-to brand.

They have a collection of high quality, high fashion apparel that, although undeniably at a higher price point than average, are an obvious high-end option without having to splurge inordinate amounts of moolah on “model wear” brands. You’ll fall in love with their cute winter coats, vintage-inspired sherpa jackets, and soft worn-in hoodies. Also, for those who want to flaunt a little prairie flair, Forever 21 is your perfect pair!

5. J.Crew

No exquisite-yet-affordable winter wear list can be complete without the inclusion of the lovely J. Crew brand. J.Crew’s collection is synonymous with the phrase “function and form”. A diverse range of winter wearables to complement every situation, every occasion, J.Crew is your best friend for your every avatar, whether you want to snuggle in at home with a nice sweater over a women’s thermal set or feel like hanging out with your friends on a cozy, campfire night outdoors.

Famous for their chic, preppy style, J.Crew is truly a master at winter wear. Dabble in delight with their cocoon coats, cashmere crew necks, V-neck sweaters, sweater dresses, sophisticated separates, fuzzy slippers and so much more. Their budget-friendly collection vibrates with poppy colors that’ll instantly turn the drab gray winters into a colorful wonderland.

Before you go on a shopping spree on your nearest winter sale, we urge you to browse through the stunning winter range of these brands. You can grab some comfy winter wear that might last you for decades at a steal.

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