What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Love is in the air… but so is the winter chill. Weddings are joyous occasions where everyone, and not just the bride, show up at their best. For nine to ten months of the year (or all time, any time if you live in a tropical place), choosing what to wear to a wedding comes with a standard amount of head-scratching. But when it comes to a winter wedding, you might find yourself overwhelmed while having to also consider dressing up for cold temperatures, icy winds, or possible rain. Moreover, since weddings are an internal affair, it’s not like you need to pile up too much or double down on women’s thermal shirt.

So what to wear that makes you look angelic, without having to uncomfortably shiver all day? Worry not, because we’ve got an expert list of dresses you’ll love to wear as a guest while also being comfy this winter wedding season.

1. Long-Sleeved Dress

We’ll begin with a dress style that is the ultimate evergreen when it comes to weddings or any formal social occasion to be fair. And just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock a dress or skirt, unless of course, you feel like going for something fancier, or if the wedding is casual enough to flaunt denim.

Funny thing is that long-sleeved dresses have been seeing a surge in popularity lately, and it doesn’t come as much of a surprise really. Their penchant to never go out of fashion, coupled with the rising temperatures everywhere makes long-sleeved dresses an easy go-to.

A long-sleeved maxi dress that keeps you covered and warm without compromising on style. Who can say no?

2. Coat

Think a staple winter wear, think a nice coat. Now pair that with a winter wedding dress, and what you’ve got on your hands is an effortless million dollar look. Not only will a quality winter coat keep you warm, but it’ll also flatter your entire attire with an apt addition.

When selecting your coat, go for neutral colors so that your dress pops up in contrast. If you’re having a tough time picking, just close your eyes and go for anything black. The good ol’ color black is your reliable friend that matches well with pretty much anything.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the fabric before you splurge. Some stores offer coats that look incredibly warm but turn out to be 100% polyester, which retains virtually no heat when compared to a luxurious woolen coat. Or if you’ve got your heart set on the former, just go for women’s thermal underwear underneath and you’re good to go.

woman wearing winter coat

3. Stockings

A common misconception is that stockings are too “open” a choice for the winter season. While not completely wrong, it all depends on what make and fabric you’re opting for. Stockings might often be overlooked as winter wear, but rest assured, they can keep your legs as warm as any other bottom wear, while making you look extra classy.

Whether you go for black, even-patterned or even nude stocking, all that you have to worry about is how thick you want them to be. Opt for stockings with thicker layering and avoid blends that are sheer and won’t be as warm as ones with a higher denier count.

4. Heeled Boots

Even if you pick a dress that covers you well and keeps your whole body warm, there is one way the cold can always creep in – and that is your feet. But if you’re wearing a combo such as a skirt with stockings, it also presents you with an excellent opportunity to keep your legs and feet warm. This is a particularly good choice, especially if you get cold feet often.

You can easily opt for thigh-high boots under a long dress or skirt as well, and nobody will be the wiser. It’ll be your little stylishly cozy secret, without anyone even realizing that you’re nice and warm in your deep undercover boots inside a floaty dress.


No winter wear list will ever be complete without the aesthetics enhancing winter accessories. When it comes to chilly weathers, there is always something you can look to add to keep yourself extra cozy, because sometimes staying warm the usual way isn’t always enough. That is the same reason why thermals for women also make for a great layering addition.

Scarves and wraps are a must especially if its windy outside. These little pieces of fabric can really make a difference while adding an extra fashion sense to your attire. Easy to throw on, and easy to throw off, you can conveniently don them when you’re on the go, and lose them when you are warm and safe once you step into the reception room.

woman wearing winter scarf and thermal wear

6. Faux fur

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