Color Coding Winter Wear. It’s Not That Hard.

One thing’s for sure – color-coding your wardrobe has more than one perk. It feels so gorgeous to open up your closet and see a string of your favorite clothes hanging in perfect alignment, boasting colors from light to dark, categorized by upper wear and legwear, and sections for the perfect occasions. Just thinking about it can make your mind at ease. And if you are particularly careful about your organizational streak, color coding your closet can be downright meditative.

To most, however, it can seem like such a chore. Who has the time to painstakingly color pick and order a humongous pile of clothes! It can seem even more painstaking in winters when you have to separate thick sweaters, jackets, and thermals for women. While we sympathize with your lazy bones self, we can’t tell you how much more convenient your life will become after. Color coding is like hitting the gym for the first time in some ways. It can seem very tedious at first, but once you do it, and start seeing results, you’d never not want to do it again. Only that with color-coding, the results and gratification are much faster!

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And the truth is – it really isn’t all that hard. We’ve been doing it for years, and it takes us just a few minutes to get it all sorted out. As is the case with most things that make you bigger and better, it might take some time at first, but eventually, it’ll become second nature. And guess what? We’ve brought you some tips and tricks for color-coding from experts who do this for a living, so you hit the ground running (while looking absolutely perfect).

So without further ado, let’s dive in the best ways to color code your winter wear!

Why Color Code?

Professional wardrobe organizers spend hours color-coordinating closet wardrobes of their clients. Why are they so meticulous about this? Sure, a color-coded wardrobe is a beautiful sight to see, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Creating color blocks in your wardrobe has a far more functional utility than an aesthetic one (although undeniably, the latter is a great reward). When you put everything in its right place, you can pick what you want, when you want it. After all, the best systems are those that make finding what you’re looking for simpler, easier and quicker.

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out of touch with your winter wear for so long that you forget the wide color variety you actually have. When you feel like wearing red one fine day, it can be frustrating to not be able to find that one dress you knew was perfect. Now imagine if your closet was always color-coded. Now all your red blouses and dresses are in the same section, so sifting through them and finding what you’re searching for becomes so much easier.

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Moreover, I’m sure it must’ve happened to you some time that you come across an item you haven’t seen a while (e.g – a long lost women’s thermal legging) and think, “Oh, I forgot you even existed!”. Small pieces of clothing often get wedged between two bulky jackets and get lost forever.

Color-coding your drawers and closet ensures that you never lose track of your clothes ever again. And perhaps the best takeaway from this habit is that you save big on the most valuable commodity one has – time. There is logical truth in it when they “Time is Money”, because it compounds. Save a few seconds here, a few minutes there, and all of a sudden you’re freeing up hours in your life to do the things you’ve always wanted to do! And since dressing up is something that you do every day of your life, it surely is worth investing time now to save a lot later.

So go ahead, take your own sweet time and patiently color code your wardrobe. We assure you that it’ll make picking up dresses in the morning easier, your closet more beautiful, and your routine efficient overall.

How To Color Code

Good, so now we know the why. It’s time then, to know how. Here are some quick tips for beginners that will serve as your Holy Grail for organizing colors, patterns, and styles to make your closet appear like your own personal fashion store:-

1. Group by “type” first

Start by separating topwear and bottom wear. Then segregate them into categories like shirts, t-shirts, shorts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, dresses, women’s thermal underwear, etc .

2. Create color blocks within each type

Now that you have a neat pile of clothes grouped together by type, start creating color blocks. Follow the same color ordering pattern for every group for your convenience. You can pick an arbitrary color code, or…

3. Use the Rainbow Color Coordinate

Follow the rainbow color pattern VIBGYOR in reverse (ROY G BIV) to color coordinate. This is the most widely used color palette that even pro organizers follow religiously. Consider an order like this – white, tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, grey, black.

4. Create a separate “patterned” section

If you have a plethora of patterned clothing items that vary in color, you can consider creating a separate section for your patterned clothes. You can choose to go with a primary color and then group them in reference to that color.

5. Go black first

If you prefer to wear lots of darker shades like black and avoid wearing lighter shades like white, you can flip the color coordination and put the black color blocks right at the front of the lineup.

And that’s it! Follow these short but very effective tips to efficiently color code your wardrobe. We promise it’ll permanently redefine your dressing experience forever!

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