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Fall Is Almost Here, Are You Ready? A Fall Fashion Guide

Ah, fall. The season that is the gentle segue between those opposing seasonal beasts – summer and winter. A perfect interlude to relax, and relish all the recent skin bare summer fun, and to start anticipating the clothes rocking, bone-chilling winters to come.

But fall has an undeniable charm of its own. For some, it is the season of human melancholy, for others, it is the season of nature’s beauty. But no matter your mood, the only pressing question is – what’re you gonna be wearing, whether upset or upbeat?

That question can be a bit puzzling to answer. Should you continue with your vibrant summer dresses with a light outer layer on to flaunt a hybrid look? Or should you go all-in for mild winter wear and get into the mood for the soon arriving chilly season? The answer is, there is no correct answer. That is the beauty of fall – you can easily rock both looks! With fall, you can’t fail.

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That is not to say that there aren’t some essential tips to keep in mind before you go all gung-ho with your fashion style. And there’s no need to go browsing thermal underwear sets for women just yet. So we have compiled a guide of fashion fundamentals just for you that’ll help you make your outfit infallible, this fall.

Part 1 – Picking The Right Clothes

Tip #1: Layer your clothes

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During the fall season, you’ll experience the whole range of temperatures in one day. Mornings will be chilly, afternoons will be hot, and evenings will be cool again. You might find yourself not having the time to slip into something well suited for the weather, especially if you are a busy bee at work or school.

The best way to tackle this is to wear layers of clothing before you leave home. You can easily take them off as the day grows warmer, and put them back again as it reverts again.

Tip #2: Go for shirts underneath

If your region gets especially chilly during fall, you don’t necessarily have to go looking for thermal shirts for women. Instead, go for a short or long-sleeved shirt, which can be worn comfortably under cardigans or lacy tank tops. If that doesn’t feel warm enough, don’t be wary of opting for turtlenecks or button-up blouses and shirts. Here are some more ideas you can explore – 

  • Pair your sleeved shirt with a lacy tank top flaunting a scooped neckline. It’ll not only keep you warm but the lace will peep out from under the neckline to give you a very feminine look.

  • Combine a plaid, button-up shirt with a short-sleeved shirt or white tank top for an absolutely classic fall look. Pair this combo with some jeans and work boots for extra pizazz.

  • Go for a long-sleeved shirt with some tights or leggings, and flaunt a jumper or a knitted dress on the outside for a casual chic look.

Tip #3: Pick outerwear right for the weather

Fall morning and evenings can get especially cold, with the afternoons feeling like a warm summer morning. This fluctuating temperature is why you’d want to wear something stylish that can only be easily take off and put back on as the day progresses. Here’s a few options you can slip into –

  • If your place of living stays relatively warm in fall, opt for light coats, cardigans, and sweaters. Avoid anything too thick during the morning chill as you’ll soon find yourself sweating in the afternoon.

  • If your place of living is cold and wet in fall, opt for a jacket or long trench coat. Also feel free to beat the cold with heavier sweaters, coats, and cardigans.

  • Hoodies are an evergreen choice for all types of weather. You can also easily tie them around your waist without spoiling their shape when it gets too warm.

Tip #4: Wear long pants and skirts

If you are a big fan of wearing shorter skirts or shorts but don’t want to expose yourself to the cold, just pair them with some dark colored leggings, long jeans or dark colored slacks for a modern diva look. You can also consider these pointers –

  • If you love wearing skinny jeans, tuck them into a pair of boots and rock that style.

  • Go for a wool or tweed skirt combo with solid colored tights for an uber-cool look.

Note – When it comes to bottom wear, thermal underwear for women worn with some light clothing is also a good fall option.

Part 2 – Creating The Right Look

women's thermal pants

Tip #1 – Pick the right colors

Dark and neutral colors are your best friends when it starts to get chilly. So go for some heat absorbing colors rather than bright and reflecting colors like whites, pastels, and neons. Earthly tones and warm colors are also an excellent option to resonate with the spirit of fall. Here are the colors to pick for fall every time you take a stroll outside:-

  • Dark colors: black, burgundy, navy, plum

  • Neutral colors: light black, gray, brown

  • Earthly tones: browns, tans, beiges, dark/forest/olive greens.

  • Warm colors: dark red, dark orange, gold, bronze, cream

Tip #2 – Pick the right patterns

Some patterns are inherently associated with the season of fall more so than others. Just like a vibrant, cheerful tropical flower like hibiscus is reminiscent of summer or spring, it is not a familiar sight to see it on a cool, rainy, fall day. More somber and reserved fabrics like plaid and houndstooth give off a vibe that automatically speaks the language of fall – somber and reserved. 

  • Another great option is to go for beautiful dark florals with a black, burgundy, navy plum essence. If you’re one who doesn’t shy away from going bold – roses, thistles, and pansies are flowers that you can include in your attire for a wholesome fall look.

Tip #3 – Pick the right fabrics

Since winter is fast approaching, you should get into the groove of fabrics that will keep you warm. It is recommended to avoid airy materials like linen, silk, and light cotton, or wear them solely as inner wear. Instead, go for fabrics that are perfect for fall such as –

  • Lace
  • Thicker Cotton
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Imitation leather
  • Wool
  • Flannel
  • Felt
  • Denim
  • Corduroy
  • Chambray

So there you have it! A nice and handy list of fall fashion fundamentals that will aid you in your shopping and styling this season. So make the most of this time of the year when the weather is just perfect, and so is your freedom of choice for a classy getup.

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